Join the School in the Cloud…

Have you watched Sugata Mitra’s TED talk about his dream to build a ‘School in the Cloud’?

It’s now a reality. There are five new School in the Cloud labs in different settings in India, three in schools and the latest two in remote areas, where kids walk from the local villages to access the computers and interact with emediators, who we refer to as the ‘granny cloud‘.

We’re not all grannies, many volunteers are male and age isn’t relevant!


There are currently not enough ‘grannies’ to meet the needs of the new centres.

Would you like to…

  • Give 30-60 minutes per week?
  • Interact with kids in India?
  • See the light in kids’ eyes as they learn to to communicate with you?
  • Learn about another country, culture, education system… and yourself?
  • Connect with other volunteers?
  • Do something new?

Are you willing to…

  • Converse in English
  • Tell stories or discuss pictures
  • Introduce ideas
  • Ask questions
  • Provoke curiosity
  • Share culture
  • Build confidence
  • Praise and encourage

To learn more about the granny cloud and register your interest, go to the School in the Cloud website and you can read about some of my experiences here, here and here. If interested, let me know and I can help you with the process, or simply sign up on the site.



8 thoughts on “Join the School in the Cloud…

  1. Dear Edna,
    I just want to tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts, learning, and just knowing that everything I do is not wrong.
    Thank you!


  2. Hello

    Another good idea for remote learning, granny ideas. Sharing life experiences and conversing in English is also conducted in other countries around the world. Indeed, Scotland has some remote island communities using the same idea of community exchange and keeping in touch.


  3. Hi my name is Merv Stewart and I run a social enterprise called Senior Techies. ( We aim to reconnect the generations through our school based senior tablet and smartphone training events. I will be directing our attendees to granny crowd during 2015 so they can apply the skills they learn from the students in this meaningful and practical way. Thank you for all your work


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