Looking for passionate educators…

We’re looking for a few new teachers to start in 2015 and the Primary Head says he’d like us to word an ad that really reflects who we are and the kind of educators we hope to attract.

This is what we come up with –

Are you looking for an opportunity to grow as a teacher and a learner?  Do you set the bar high and constantly seek to improve your practice?  Do you have ideas and experience to contribute to our vibrant learning community?  

We are looking for energetic educators with strong beliefs about learning, not afraid to embrace change and innovate…

One of the teachers looks at it and says ‘ I wonder if WE (existing staff) would get the job’!

So I take the ad to our Learning Team Leaders meeting and ask everyone to reflect on it individually from a personal point of view. The ensuing conversation is great, as always in this group of passionate educators. The discussion includes –

  • how much we have grown as educators and continue to do so
  • how confident each of us might be, applying for a job worded this way
  • different degrees of willingness to embrace change
  • ways of reflecting on and evaluating our own practice
  • the kinds of experience people feel they bring to our learning community
  • reflections on changing attitudes over time
  • what kinds of teachers set the bar high and judge themselves harshly
  • the challenge of getting other team members to embrace change
  • ways to encourage others to focus on improving practice
  • how exciting it is to be part of this vibrant learning community
  • what dynamic new teachers we hope to have next year!

If you live in Melbourne, or plan to in 2015, and this sounds like your kind of working learning environment, let me know below.

2 thoughts on “Looking for passionate educators…

  1. If I could uproot my family, find a job for my husband, I would move to Melbourne. Not to be in Melbourne, although it would be an exciting experience, but to be in your school. If indeed your ENTIRE team of educators could all get the job as described in your ad, then you have an amazing team. It is so hard to get everybody on board and I’d like to know how your school does it…


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