You can’t throw an ebook…

Mrs Gordon, the steely school librarian, once threw a book at me because of my insolence.

I still recall this decades later, not because of the indignity, but because of the irony.

The incident tipped the seesaw of our love/hate relationship, but I’m still grateful to her for introducing me to remarkable writers and instilling an enduring love of literature.

When books were made of paper, I used to borrow barrows of novels from the library and buy more books than I could realistically read. As a lifelong fiction fan, I assumed ALL books should be read from beginning to end, which is why I frequently found non-fiction boring. I’d been alive and reading for close to fifty years, before the realisation dawned that there were other ways to read. Really.

It turns out one can…
Dip in and out.
Skip the (boring) bits!
.end the from Start
Choose your chapters.
Just get the gist…

I love the papery smell and feel of ‘real’ books. Beside my bed, there is still a pile for perusal. Browsing bookshops (as long as they continue to survive) will remain a pleasurable pastime, if only to explore which ebooks to acquire.

Dear Mrs Gordon,
You’d be proud.
I’m older now than you were then and I’m still a reader.
Non-fiction too!
PS You can’t throw an ebook.

Post script in the following post.

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