Making space for innovation…

When did you last spring clean your school events calendar? Are there items that you’ve had for years and may be ready to be modified, improved, replaced or thrown out? Are there things that don’t match any more? Don’t fit any more? Don’t work any more? Don’t excite you any more?

In today’s leadership meeting, we brainstorm some of our traditional ‘events’ and ‘customs’, each jot them down on sticky notes and then place them on a continuum according to our personal feelings about them:

Loathe it – Lament it – Live with it – Like it – Love it.


Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 6.34.30 pm

It’s a refreshing, honest activity, where we say what we think and the data is fascinating.  Apparently there are still lots of things we do because… well we’ve always done them. It’s the first step towards a thorough spring clean in which we will address which items to modify, which to replace and which to give away entirely.

The next step is is to conduct the same exercise with teachers and then students!

Looking forward to making space for innovation…


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