What will you teach your brother?

Dear Shai,

Your little brother Matan has joined the family (and the world) and his name has the same meaning as yours – a gift. Two precious little gifts, each with your own unique qualities and characteristics.

When you were born, we wondered who you would be and since then, we have been observing with delight as you develop, grow and learn.

What special gifts will you give to your brother, Matan?


  • Will you teach him to love animals and encounter every living thing with joy?
  • Will you teach him to be a curious explorer, eager to discover the world?
  • Will you teach him to build Lego towers and pillow houses, and to fill them with love?
  • Will you teach him to be fearless and determined and to fight for what matters to him?
  • Will you teach him to love life and to laugh with glee as he experiences it to the full?
  • Will you teach him to be gentle, tender and kind?

… just like you?

We look forward to finding out!


Granny and Grandpa.

8 thoughts on “What will you teach your brother?

  1. Welcome baby Matan to our world.

    His big brother will hopefully teach him some or all of these special gifts.

    May I add the gift of ‘resilience’ that I too hope he will learn?


  2. Mazeltov Ed and family. These photos speak for themselves…it’s easy to see that Shai is already giving and teaching these gifts to his new baby brother. Absolutely gorgeous!


  3. What a beautiful post!! So many beautiful lessons and qualities to share!

    Congrats to the family and look forward to hearing more about the two special gifts.

    Mon xx


  4. In Vietnam and just wanted to send my thoughts to you all . I know that Matan will learn so much from his big brother and don’t forget about the persistence driven by curiosity and wonder that I have seen online that shai has in copious amounts


  5. Mazel tov! What a joy! Matan already has a good start to life, as a member of your lovely, intelligent and caring family! I can’t wait to see him interacting with Grandma on Skype.


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