An effective model of professional learning…

Joining the cohort of teachers learning with @langwitches last week, when I could, I found them highly engaged and involved in their own learning. The approach was different from the last time Silvia visited our school. This time she worked with a group of teachers, each of whom elected to participate, a diverse group with varying needs and different entry points. This proved to be a successful model of professional learning that aligns with our learning principles, a set of beliefs about learning that apply as much to teachers as to students.

Despite (because of?) the diversity within the group,  a high level of trust and collaboration were evident. Teachers had ownership of what and how they explored and Silvia stressed that this was about being self-directed, self-motivated learners. New skills were mastered within a context and there were opportunities to apply them purposefully and reflect on how they will be transferred.


The evidence is visible in more than a dozen personal blog posts on our collaborative blog, many by teachers who rarely write about their learning, most by teachers who have never blogged before, all sharing thoughtful documentation of, for and as earning. Take a look at a few examples…

Am I literate? by Lesley

Help! I’m a digital citizen by Limor

Global literacy is a highway by Lauri

I’m on my way… by Nicole

Sharing my learning leads to learning from and with others by Linda

And some tweets that sum up the learning…

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 11.57.24 am

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 11.57.37 am

6 thoughts on “An effective model of professional learning…

  1. Hello Edna,

    Teachers engaged as learners and teachers having choice. Supported by data, these two key PL fundamentals ensure student achieve learning gain. The most impressive of all was the willingness of teachers to blog and “share their work”. A special culture exists for this to occur.

    A great blog. Thanks for sharing.



  2. Thanks Greg. It’s true we have a special learning culture, but it’s also a testament to Silvia Tolisano for helping them see the value in documenting of, for and as learning.


  3. Wow!
    Great outcomes.
    I have a blog, but I have not been able to publish my writings yet. Because I always feel I have not written well and enough. But I have been encouraged and challenged by your postings to go ahead and start from where I am; make a move till I find myself soaring.

    Thank you so much Edna, Silvia and the cohort of teachers for sharing.
    God bless you


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