Constructive criticism…

keep-calm-and-just-tell-meTell me…

if you disagree with what I say.

if you have a different perspective.

if you feel I’m taking over.

if you think I’m not pulling my weight.

if my carelessness frustrates you.

if my perfectionism annoys you.

if you find me apathetic.

if my enthusiasm drives you crazy.

if you feel like I’m criticising you.

if you have criticism of me.

if you think I complain too much.

if you wish I’d express an opinion.

if my expectations are not clear.

if you think I ask too much.

I’m the only one who can do something about me.

(And don’t forget to tell me what you’re happy about.)

Self challenge- A post a day for a week? #fail. The good thing about failing a challenge you set yourself is that you only have yourself to answer to!

5 thoughts on “Constructive criticism…

  1. I’ll tell you!
    Your insight, openness, courage to innovate and ability to untangle complexity inspires educators and improves schools all over the globe.

    I’ll tell you!
    We’re all better educators (and people) because of what you write.

    I’ll tell you!
    I’m terrified of falling short of your standards, and at the same time, empowered to grow because you constantly show that tensions, grapplings & failures are more interesting than glossy successes.

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