Visual representation of units of inquiry…

A holistic, visual approach to collaborative unit planning, with the child at the centre, ensures that we are addressing our goal of developing the whole child. Representing a visual summary of all the elements helps us see the big picture clearly…

13 thoughts on “Visual representation of units of inquiry…

  1. I thoroughly agree that a visual representation of the UOI is important. I think many teachers have been doing this for quite some time via a range of different UOI displays etc. I particularly like to facilitate and support students to do this.


    1. As one pleases πŸ™‚
      I’m not a fan of displaying adult created finished products in the classroom. Would rather see the children construct meaning for themselves (or co-construct) and their thinking made visible on the walls. Rather than displaying, say, the attitudes you are focusing on, I would display them as inquiry questions (eg How might we cooperate successfully in a group?) and have the learners gradually add their thinking each time they work in groups.

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  2. These do capture the intent of the teachers, their current place when imagining a unit, which I find useful perhaps in determining which units deserve our time in our programme of inquiry. I will be using this idea as a filter… for new units that are being suggested. What would that look like visually- beyond a single naming of a topic? How can we get beyond that and into the potential of a unit of inquiry.


  3. As a visual learner, these certainly help me to understand a unit. I think these would also be great to share with parents as they are partners in our learning community. I am off to explore Canva!


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