#RSCON3: A tiny piece of education?

In a recent post I wrote about the timely reminders I had in India, that my version is just a tiny piece of the reality of education in the world. It’s easy to get so involved in your own environment that you forget to think about what education looks like under different conditions. Partly as a result of my experiences this past past week, I have decided to change my topic and prepare a new presentation for the Reform Symposium Conference this weekend.

RSCON3 is an incredible opportunity for educators from all over the world to learn together. I love its energy, diversity and inclusiveness.

On the other hand, we sometimes exist inside our own bubble and forget that education looks very different in other contexts, both in our own countries and around the world. There are millions of educators who don’t have the language or the resources to be included in a conference such as ours.

So… What might schools look like in developing countries? What sorts of learning opportunities exist outside of schools? How do people attempt to make a difference to children’s learning and children’s futures? What inspires such people?

I am definitely not an expert. My knowledge and ideas come from reading, from listening, from talking to people and from short visits to places here and there. On my recent visit to India I had a chance to see and feel different ways of educating the very poor. Some caring, attention yields amazing results, despite the lack of resources. I’d like to share my experiences and thoughts with you, provoke some thinking and perhaps inspire some action. I’d love to hear from people with more knowledge and more experience than I have. Together we can consider ways to develop student awareness and social conscience too.

I hope to increase awareness that the way most of us see education on a daily basis is just a tiny piece of education in the world.

Click here to join me on Sunday 10am Melbourne time… That’s Saturday night in some parts of the world! For other time zones, click here. (Once you click, you will need to enter your name and wait for the session to open.)

See you there!



10+ reasons to participate in RSCON3…

This is a collaborative post with @clivesir, who I first met through his blog Clive in Sri Lanka, in which he chronicled his experiences as a volunteer, teaching technology to teachers. He once wrote a post entitled Missing: My PLN and we have been friends ever since. He’s one of the organisers of RSCON3.

The world is full of generous educators, willing to share with anyone who is open to learning. You don’t even need to leave home to find them. Anyone can participate in the online 3-day Reform Symposium Conference from 29th July to 1st Aug (depending on where in the world you are!)

Here’s why…

  1. Learn without getting off the couch.
  2. It’s green!
  3. No suitcases, tickets, hotel, worries about what to wear…
  4. It’s free!
  5. An opportunity to network with educators globally.
  6. It’s addictive!
  7. 65+ presenters from USA, Canada, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, UK, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Jordan, Thailand, Japan, Australia…
  8. International keynote speakers.
  9. Encourages audience interaction, both in realtime and after.
  10. Great community spirit. Passion and love of learning are contagious.
  11. Learn from and with educators like you who have been there, done that.
  12. If a presentation is not what you expect you can quickly go to a parallel session.
  13. Easy to fit around family life and demands. Take a break whenever you like.
  14. Learn while your husband/wife cooks breakfast, lunch, supper…!
  15. Huge choice of topics – expand your horizons!
  16. Choose what interests YOU- no obligation to attend sessions.
  17. Voices from outside can be powerful, even if they say the same things as voices inside.
  18. Model learning for your students.
  19. Presentations are recorded. Replay at leisure or catch ones you missed later.
  20. Social Media/ Professional Development Training LabA parallel session where you can ask questions about concerns, issues, tech difficulties, presenters…

(How did we get to 20?! My posts always have 10!)

Teaching is changing.  Ways of learning are changing. The possibilities are endless… Join us. What’s the worst that can happen?



Virtual worldwide conference


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Remember when you had to be physically present in order to attend a conference?  Overseas conferences are often not practical or financially possible, but times have changed…  Now you can learn from great educators in other parts of the world, without ever getting off the couch. What you miss will be recorded so you can even learn in your own time.

The Reform Symposium, from 30th July-1st August, is a free online conference, showcasing innovation in education. It’s for educators, administrators, parents and students and will focus on the role of innovative practice in educational reform.

The presenters are absolutely inspirational educators!  I’m proud to say that many are part of my online learning network, I read their blogs and interact with them on Twitter,  and I can’t wait to hear them ‘in person’.  Organised by the inimitable Kelly Tenkely and  Shelly Terrell (who never sleep!) along with Jason Bedell, and Chris Rogers , this is an opportunity not to be missed.

For more background and information on how to participate, see Kelly’s blog ilearntechnology and the Reform Symposium.