Potential for learning…

Dear Heads and Co-ordinators,

Thanks for being such an appreciative audience at the PYP network meeting. I’m glad you enjoyed my presentation about what it means to be a connected educator.

It didn’t matter that it was the end of a long day and a long meeting or that we were all tired before I even started to speak.

It didn’t matter that Twitter is blocked at the host school and I couldn’t even show you a live Twitter interaction.

It didn’t matter that the internet stopped working and I had to talk my way round images of blogs and nings instead of showing them to you.

It didn’t matter that most people were taking pen and paper notes in a session about the use of technology.

It didn’t matter that some of you have yet to take the first step into this world of perpetual learning.

We are all educators and we care deeply about learning.

As soon as you saw what’s possible in terms of learning, both our own and our students’, I saw the light in your eyes.

I liked how you smiled when you saw I had borrowed some of my lines  from Steven Anderson’s video, which I showed at the end. It gave you a glimpse into the sharing and collaboration that is so much part of being a connected educator.

You seemed to enjoy being introduced to individual members of my PLN (most of whom I have yet to meet myself!) and hearing about how they have inspired me. I wish I’d had time to tell you what I have learned from each of them.

I was delighted by your enthusiastic response to our global plant inquiry and the way we use Skype to connect our students with the world. It was great to see you talking amongst yourselves about how you could apply some of the ideas I shared.

I liked the fact that you laughed at the image of the toe in the water because you could relate to it. Either because you’ve already put yours in and seen the result, or because you felt that making  just a small start isn’t too intimidating.

I loved that people came up to me afterwards to say that they were ready to put their toes in the water for the first time and begin their exploration. They were inspired, not by my presentation itself, but by their understanding of the enormous potential for learning.

Looking forward to welcoming you to my personal learning network….


Amazon Peru photos by Mazz Sackson.

Thanks @klbeasely for the inspiration.

10 thoughts on “Potential for learning…

  1. Well, you definitely inspired me. Such potential… and it takes just one person to get the ball rolling. Can I ask – how did you make the google docs plant pictures open to the world? Thanks again… I’m off to get twitter unblocked at my school.


  2. Hi Steph. Love that teaspoon 🙂 Those are my daughter’s photos, if you mean the Amazon ones.

    Hello Hannah. It was nice to meet you. Glad you enjoyed the session! In the top right corner of google docs (or in this case, google presentation) click on share. Change the privacy so that anyone with a link can edit. If you have any problems tweet me.


  3. Hi Edna
    I finally had the chance today to see you in person and loved what you had to say. I have followed your blog with interest and intend to ‘stick by whole foot in’ . Twitter here I come.


  4. Edna,
    How wonderful that you are making such a splash. From your efforts many people will start by wading, and eventually swim. I know I am a swimmer thanks to your patient efforts.
    Great pictures.


  5. Edna,

    So well said. We have a great group of teachers in our building who are all dedicated to student learning and are at varying levels of comfort with using technology to support learning. It’s a journey filled with many conversations and sharing of both challenges and successes.


  6. Dear Edna
    Thankyou for your inspiring and inviting presentation. It would be wonderful to share with the broader PYP learning community here in Victoria. Would you be willing to share at a future PYP classroom teachers network? I have now moved beyond reading to commenting, next is to contribute!
    With thanks
    Andrea Sherburn


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