The last post (I think…)

The first post on this blog was written in 2009. It was titled ‘Disturbing the Calm’, a concept which underpinned my vision and my work long past the original context. Despite the obstacles in the way of radical transformation of education, I believe that change can happen one idea at a time, one conversation at a time, as long as we are open to reimagining possibilities.

Over the years I have kept to the commitments I made at the outset. My blog would primarily be a space for sharing my own reflections and practice; I would write in my own voice and minimalistic style; my blog would reflect my inquiries so I would often have more questions than answers; it would always be about learning.

While I’m not especially proud of some of the posts that have been most popular with readers of this blog, the ideas behind the most enduring posts remain meaningful and relevant. I wrote ’10 Ways to encourage students to take responsibility for their learning’ before agency became a buzzword and I really understood its nuances. ’10 ways to gain your students’ respect’ was an instinctive response long before I explored the notion of contextual wellbeing. I wrote about ways to build a reflective culture in students and teachers before I knew the power of coaching and reflective conversations.

There have been times along the way when I lost the writing habit, second guessed myself, wondered if I had anything left to say… and then got back on track albeit less and less frequently.

I feel honoured to still receive appreciative messages from educators who read my blog even though I haven’t posted in almost a year. Online content is often fleeting, but apparently some of the things I have shared still hold value and provoke thinking.

For months I’ve been thinking about writing a final closing post and this might be it… I think.

Edit: A long time reader and friend has messaged to ask if I’m ok. Deciding to stop writing on this blog is not an indication to the contrary! I’m retiring from my school role and heading into other things 🙂

12 thoughts on “The last post (I think…)

  1. Thank you Edna for providing closure. I’ve been checking on your posts and reflections for years, some of my favourite go-to posts are on essential agreements and student reflection. Having encountered inquiry via the PYP almost 20 years ago, you have been a vicarious partner for me in so many respects. As the seasons change, may you go well in all you do. Thank you for your courage to teach and share teaching from the heart. Sincere thanks… Martin

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  2. Edna, your blog was career changing for me. Finding it in my first year in the PYP made learn, unlearn and relearn. It provoked my thinking, made me question my own beliefs and practices as an educator and put me on a path that I’m not sure I otherwise would have found without your posts. Thank you for each and every post. Thank you for each and every thought. Thank you for each and every question. My transformation as educator definitely traces back to 2012, sitting in a Grade 2 classroom at the American International School of Kuwait trying to make sense of the PYP. This blog was a treasure trove that I was then, and am still now, so grateful for. Thank you.

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  3. Thank you for this insightful blog. as they say ‘all good things must come to an end’. I am guessing you are shifting your focus and what ever that may be, you will again achieve excellence. I am hopeful your blog will still be available. Best wishes Angela.

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  4. Your blog was very helpful for me at different times in my career. Whatever I agreed or disagreed with, it always made me think! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Wishing you all the best as you move forward, and hope you leave your blog online for me to go back to, and for others to find.

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  5. Hi Edna, First, may I say thank you for all the truly wonderful posts you have provided since 2009! I have dipped in and out of your blog for many years and always find gems to share with others. I always recommend it as a “personal inquiry” for workshop participants! I would be sad not to hear from you again in this format, but would love it if you kept the site available. How’s that for self-serving! Lol! Anyway, thank you again for all the deep thoughts, nudges, and questions you’ve shared with us. Warm regards, Christine

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  6. All the best for the next chapter for you. I have always enjoyed your blog posts and was so happy when I was doing my Masters to see some of your posts amongst our module readings.

    Take care and all the best.

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  7. Edna, you are a legend and a person I have always valued in my journey. Your words are wise, your manner humble, and your humour ever present in the background. I sincerely hope we are able to catch up again soon. Best wishes x

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