It’s not about the technology…

Over coffee with an ex-colleague who works in IT, we chat about technology in schools. He mentions reading some of my blog posts and I’m suddenly aware that I rarely write about technology any more.

When I started this blog, I had a tag for tech, a tag for web 2.0 tools and a tag for 21st century learning.

Now it’s a given….

Scenario 1: Year 6 learners connect with classes in Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore for their inquiry into inter-connectedness.

Read: Skype with Japan.  Skype with Australia.

Tags: Skype, Blogs, Twitter, Googlemaps

Tags: Learning, geoliteracy, communication, intercultural understanding, inquiry…

Scenario 2: A Year 5 class creates videos to demonstrate and explain mathematical concepts and embed them in their class blogs.

Watch: Number Lines with Noah.

TagsiPads, Showme app, blogs, web 2.0 

Tags: Learning, creativity, authentic audience, mathematical thinking, communication…

Scenario 3: A Prep child who is away from school after an operation creates daily books about what she’s been doing and emails them to her class.

Read: My Operation by Ellie.

Tags: iPad, Bookabi, web 2.0 ,email

Tags: Learning, communication, creativity, authentic audience, literacy, purposeful writing…

Scenario 4: A couple of Year 2 students explore then enact the life cycle of a butterfly. They create and upload a video to share their learning.

Watch: Now it’s a Butterfly by Noa and Brooke.

Tags: iPad, iMovie, blogs, Youtube

Tags: Learning, inquiry, collaboration, creativity, communication, visible thinking, scientific understanding…
Just a tool...

You get the idea…

Now, how should I tag this?

6 thoughts on “It’s not about the technology…

  1. Great post and very true: The technology is the tool. We should be worried about the pedagogy of our teaching, and if the tool includes using technology, great. If not, great as well.

    A very similar approach could be taken towards ‘digital literacy’. In today’s day and age, is this not just literacy?


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