Disturbing the Calm…

‘ A teacher’s job is to calm the disturbed and to disturb the calm’ (unknown author)

Disturbing the calm is definitely my preference!

My current goal is to disturb the  status quo of classroom teaching.  After a great deal of reading  and a few encouraging successes,  I am excited about the concept of the ‘flat classroom’  as a meaningful way to  enhance learning.   I want to explore ways to collapse the walls of the classroom and find possibilities for taking learning outside of the conventional structure.

You’re  invited to join me on my journey! Let’s create opportunities for our students to connect and collaborate with others outside of the classroom.

4 thoughts on “Disturbing the Calm…

  1. Well done Edna.
    I think the idea of creating a class blog could be very interesting and would love to have a go.
    You and Linda are our gurus of interesting IT ideas!!
    Keep up the great work


  2. Hi Edna – love your blogs. I’m new to blogging and am returning to the workforce after having babies! I’m on a learning journey and trying to figure how to use this wordpress blog! Will get better at it I’m sure with time. Thanks for your inspiration!
    Best Wishes


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