What kind of leader are you?

Autonomy. Mastery. Purpose.

This is Daniel Pink’s message today about what motivates people.


Dear Principals all over the world,

How do you motivate your staff?

Is there real educational dialogue between you and your teachers? Do you meet with them regularly to share conversation about teaching and learning?

What’s your educational vision? What do you believe about learning? Are you driven by your passion for education? Are all of these evident in the way that you speak and act?

Do you value the perspectives of the people on the ground? Do you pay attention to their opinions and encourage them to act on their beliefs?

Do you know who the real leaders are in your school? Do you encourage their creativity, passion and innovation?

What kind of leader are you?


9 thoughts on “What kind of leader are you?

  1. What a great pair of pictures. What worries me is that I am in both pictures. I have found time and again for example that weak leaders can’t delegate – so not quite certain why that is the left hand picture – abrogate responsibility is not delegate – I love the concept of ‘check and/to praise’ that goes with successful delegation. I am also a great believer in self-generated plans by sectional leaders that highlight and promote the common objectives that we are working to as well as the discrete issues the section has to work with, so asking when is part of a successful structure. I will certainly use these at our next leadership day this month, to see what my 20 leaders think of this.
    Dan Pink would certainly expect us to unpack problems fully before promoting a solution; I love his candle problem – from 2 minutes in on this video – http://www.ted.com/talks/dan_pink_on_motivation.html


  2. Thanks for giving us an insight from the Edutech conference. So wish I could’ve gone… Though that’s a different story. These images help me to reflect on myself as a leader. But also the current leadership style I see in my school. I think too we need to give our students more credit and let them point us in the direction that they want to go.

    Hope you can give us a bit more of a taste of what’s happening in Brisbane.


  3. Reblogged this on Rants of a Warped Frustrated Old Man and commented:
    I just love this picture by **** it is so important to remember that in order to be successful in a school it is vital that we lead. Often times I think it is easy to fall into the trap of the manager and just tend to things from day to day. This is does not allow for a healthy system.


  4. Even though I would love to say that I am the picture on the right-side (as it pertains to descriptors), I’m probably a bit of both. I think a lot of times the flaws in our personalities that we haven’t addressed spill out into the workplace and are then directed toward the staff. If someone avoids conflict, blames, controls, is reactive, or always needs to be right in their personal life, why would that change in the workplace? Reading your post made me get a bit more introspective so that I can become a better leader, but more importantly, a better person.


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