10 big ideas from eduTECH…

Billed as the biggest educational technology conference in Australia, I note with interest as I sum up the big ideas from EduTECH, that they are not about the technology.

These were some of the messages from the likes of Dan Pink, Stephen Heppell, Ewan McIntosh, Alan November, Stephen Harris , Andrew Churches and Sir Ken Robinson. I‘ll keep it brief, with links to other posts that elaborate. You can apply the big ideas to all kinds of learners, teachers and students alike..

1. Ownership
Enable choice. Foster independence. Encourage responsibility.

2. Collaboration
Learn together. Grow ideas. Build community.

3. Creativity
Experiment. Play. Make something.

4. Problem solving/finding
Think differently. Find solutions. Seek new problems.

5. Curiosity
Ask questions. Notice. Wonder.

6. Diversity
One size does not fit all. Differentiate. Personalize learning.

7. Flexibility
Rethink school. Create new spaces. Unlearn.

8. Relevance 
Make it real. Solve real life problems. Create for an authentic audience.

9. Connection
Build a PLN. Flatten classroom walls. Participate.

10. Change
Do one new thing. Influence someone else. Shift the sand, one ‘teaspoon’ at a time

31 thoughts on “10 big ideas from eduTECH…

  1. Edna,

    I resonate with what you have presented here… I took the liberty of sharing this with my colleagues at the The Network for Public Education on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/networkforpubliceducation. In the light of all the top down heavy handed push towards high stakes testing in the States (and in Oz as I understand it) what gets lost is the craftsmanship of the artesian teacher that provides the richness and depth of the learning experience for all. I would love to continue the conversation please feel free to email me at penningm52@gmail.com.

    Thanks for your continued work for your students and your time spent with us in your blog.


  2. Good summary, the big ideas had nothing to do with technology. Perhaps we have really crossed the threshold where technology is like it was when I was a kid – the phone – you lifted the receiver, dialled, waited for an answer, spoke and hung up; No worrying about applets, java, OS, compatibility and in general how it worked, you just got on with the important stuff. We can now get on with learning!


  3. Sigh….I so ENVY your economy with words Edna! #igoontoolong. 🙂 This is a powerful list of key components of contemporary learning. Will be passing on to others. Thank you for another great contribution.


    1. I am with Kath here. So concisely insightful. We shared similar conversations there and you have hit the nail on the head.


      1. Thanks Kath and Steve. I’m a minimalist, it seems. I read a post yesterday about design and rather liked the phrase ‘excess is noise’! (although not always) Have been accused of over simplifying on a few occasions, I confess. Loved meeting Steve at #edutech. Just postponing that coffee for now, Kath!


  4. Love this post – and the teaspoon reference. 🙂 You are so good at pulling out big ideas.

    I am trying to find an ed tech conference in Europe but I haven’t heard of any that look as amazing as eduTECH or Learning 2.013.


  5. An excellently concise list! Great sifting to the meat (so to speak).

    I’m going to post this on my classroom wall and ask students how our learning tasks fit into it. Could be my new “success criteria” for instruction – and student learning goals!

    Thanks again!


      1. Absolutely. If I just read the post – and not the title – it would just read as a 10 commandments of effective education today.


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