Inter-cultural understanding…

What could be more engaging than kids talking to kids across the world? What better way to learn about other people? What better way to encourage inter-cultural understanding and global awareness?

Our Year 4 students are currently exploring other cultures. They are using the iceberg model to investigate how cultural beliefs and values influence people’s customs and perspectives. Part of their inquiry will include interacting with children (and adults) from a variety of cultures via Skype and Voicethread. By constantly referring to the iceberg, they will gradually develop their understanding that the things we see  (food, festivals, customs) reflect the deeper beliefs and values of a culture.

Time and again, I have found the best way to make connections for this kind of learning is through my existing online PLN. Tweeting for interested collaborators in this unit has, so far, brought us willing collaborators in Indonesia, China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and other parts of Australia. Friends in India have agreed to connect with the Year 4 children too. It’s not the best time of year for this inquiry, as schools in other countries are finishing for the year, but it’s still worth asking… If you’d like your students of any age to collaborate with us, either via Skype or by responding to our coming Voicethread, please let me know!

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6 thoughts on “Inter-cultural understanding…

  1. This is something I have been thinking about lately as I know that when we have looked at where people are viewing our blog from the class got very excited. They are curious about the world and this would be an ideal way to widen their experiences.


  2. Hi,
    I was just recently introduced to voicethread and I love it! My students created a voicethread asking for people around the world to tell them about different celebrations and traditions and the people that are involved. The students LOVE it! They would be so incredibly excited to post a comment on your voicethread! Can you please send me the link?


  3. As you said, we are wrapping up our year with celebrations of learning. I have no more “regular” scheduled courses this academic year.

    That being said, our school is moving to some sort of one-to-one, digital device/lap-top, program next year and I will be hot on your trail for “global, connected, learning experiences” with my Y1 and y2 MYP students!

    Can’t wait,



  4. Hello Ed, I will ask my adult EFL Mexican students, some of them would love to communicate with your students via Voice thread. When you get it up and running, let me know.


  5. We have been working on a very similar project! You can learn more or even join our #Global Classroom here~ I would love to see your project as well, is there a link? You can find me on twitter @frazierde, or leave a comment on my blog (linked above).
    Looking forward to learning together!


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